Top Agricultural Startups

It is a competing business, to be sure. It is also a lucrative one, with new opportunities emerging every single day. The thing to bear in mind is that new startups have to be innovative and separate themselves from the crowd, by offering solutions to problems like the lack of arable land, water management, pest control, better production and many more.

We are going to talk about some of the best, and most innovative agricultural startups on the market. Bear in mind, though, that our list is not the list. What we mean to say is, these are our own personal picks, and we apologize for potentially not including your favorite startup. We hope you enjoy them and find their projects worth investing in.


What separates Bext360 from the run of the mill startups? Their usage of blockchain technology. That’s right, there is a company that’s paying close attention to food production and transport. It’s not just coffee, seafood and palm oil they are tracing – it’s also minerals and cotton. They made it their mission to track the supply chain of products, making sure sustainability and transparency are there.

The founder of this startup is an entrepreneur named Daniel Jones, a person with several degrees and certificates, including Finance and Business Strategy. He also has almost two decades of experience in business dealings of the up-and-coming markets in Asia.

California Safe Soil

Composting is a long and tough process. What if you could find a faster alternative, while also managing waste? This is what California Safe Soil is all about. They take the wasted food from supermarkets (and the amount of wasted food around the world is staggering) and then find a way to recycle it into liquid fertilizer.

Their goal is to save money and be green about it. On their website, you can find more info on their product, called Harvest-to-Harvest™. If they succeed in their endeavor, we may very well see a revolutionary change in dealing with wasted food.

SWIIM System

The United States Department of Agriculture cooperated with the development of SWIIM, or Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management. The idea behind this project is better management of water on big farms, making sure landowners don’t go overboard, or do too little.

The amount of water delivered and used are carefully documented and calculated, leaving almost no room for error. As this project was developed with the help from the government, you can be certain their processes are up to standard.


With the fossil fuels being an ultimately finite resource, there is always room for searching the next thing that will make our engines run. This is just one of the potential effect of what Terviva is working on. They are fully dedicated to the growing of the Pongamia tree. Why grow something that sounds like a medical term?

Apparently, this tree, which is native to some coastal regions of the US, can produce oil. The oil is more powerful than what we get from soy, and, besides as potential biofuel, the company makes great use of oilseed cakes.