8 Ways to Limit and Reuse Household Waste

The amount of waste we generate is alarming, to say the least. The reason this is the case is that most people don’t realize the effect this has on the environment and the economy. The ocean is slowly becoming a place where there’s more plastic than fish! However, instead of changing the world radically, there are a few little things you could do at home to do your part.

Don’t Get a Bag

Instead of getting a plastic bag at a grocery store, why not bring your own reusable shopping bag? The plastic waste in your house becomes drastically reduced. This also makes sense financially, as more and more stores are becoming environmentally aware, and are charging for the plastic bag.

Sort Your Trash

This is something that should go without saying, but let us mention it anyway. Separate the things that can be recycled, like metal, glass, and plastic. This junk goes into the blue bins in order to become recycled and repurposed.

Repurpose Containers

There’s no need to buy expensive Tupperware, or something like that if you have old ice-cream or margarine containers. You can use these to hold your food that needs to be reheated, salads, or if the need arises, your own snack bowl.

Ripped Clothes?

Old cloths and clothes can be used multiple times. Some of the new purposes for these are dust cloths, cleaning cloths, quilts, bags, new clothes (like jeans becoming denim shorts, for example). This will reduce the amount of money you spend on clothes and cleaning items.


You wouldn’t believe the amount of heat that’s leaving your home unnecessarily every winter or the amount that comes in uninvited every summer. The heating bill can even have one digit too many, and the AC isn’t helping your finances. How can we deal with this?

Recycled paper. That’s right, cellulose is your friend. This is not only green but wallet friendly. Of course, it’s also just one of the many options to go with. Others include denim and reflective insulation.

Sharing Is Caring

Is your toddler too big for their clothes? If you are not planning on having any more kids, give the clothes to your expecting friend, or donate to a charity. There are always babies and small kids in need of clothes and other items, and you know that the money adds up pretty quickly.

The same goes for your own clothes. Did your weight category shift in either direction? Is it the style you no longer support? Friends and charity, here we come.

Buy In Bulk

Budget friendly, and it protects you from the huge amount of packaging you have to go through. The reason it’s cost effective is not just that bulk packages cost less, but also that you can set aside a certain budget for things in a month. This will help you deal more easily with the remaining funds through the month.


Repurpose the jar which once contained honey, jam or something else. There is a myriad of things you could do with it, one of which is pickling. They are also excellent for holding your spices, like curry powder, pepper, oregano or nutmeg. If you’re a homemaker and are good with preparing sauces and such, you have just found your new container!