7 Amazing Food Apps

If you’re a foodie, then you know that finding exquisite food can be challenging. New restaurants are popping up every day, and the choice now is bigger than ever – just like it is in every industry nowadays. Almost every day we can stumble upon a great discount, a happy hour offer or eFortuna Bonus de bun venit, or similar offers online! However, it is not unusual to pass by these offers because we don’t know what they are about, and the same goes for restaurant offers or apps. Well, you don’t have to worry about the latter – we got you covered with our 7 food apps every gourmand should have.

Blue Apron

You can get it on Google Play, or the App Store. The idea behind this app (and website) is that you can browse recipes, and order the ingredients so that you can make exquisite dishes without previous cooking experience.

Simply browse through the recipes, see what you like, order it, and the ingredients will come perfectly proportioned with step-by-step instructions. Simplicity and deliciousness!


This is an app that tells you where to go, based on your preferences. Pick a city, and choose what you are looking for, and voila! The app tags your targets on the map. It doesn’t matter what city you’re in – if there’s a venue worth visiting, this app is on it.

There are actually two apps here worth checking out. Foursquare City Guide helps you get involved with the community and find new places. Foursquare Swarm keeps track of the places you’ve visited.


Can’t be bothered to head out to get one avocado, three acorns and a bottle of Curacao that you need for your special recipe? With Instacart, you can browse the local stores and pick out what you need.

There will be a shopper in your place taking care of your order and delivering everything to your doorstep. There is one catch though – you need to check whether Instacart operates in your area.


This app lets you reserve a table on the date you choose for the time that best suits you and your party. It’s not a local app – it covers over 40 000 restaurants across the globe. It’s good in terms of thinking ahead and seeing what’s available nearby.

Trip Advisor

I did not believe this one would make it on the list, but here we are. Normally, you’ll find people using Trip Advisor for things like hotels and sites. However, the reason the app made the cut is that you can also use the comments made by the community.

Every place is rated and commented on. You can enjoy some amazing restaurants, fast food places and hidden treasures average tourists overlook.


You know how you talk to your partner or friend, and they have no idea where they want to eat? It’s even worse when it’s a group of friends with various dietary restrictions, some as a fad, and others for serious medical reasons.

Enter Tasteful, an app that lets you scan nearby restaurants known for serving paleo, vegan, or gluten-free food. There are even more food preferences, but you get the picture. It’s an app that promotes healthy eating while staying true to the taste.


There are a lot of mixed feelings online regarding Yelp. Some love it, some don’t. The fact of the matter is, it provides reviews on everything, from service to food quality. It will help you see which places you should check out and which ones you should steer clear from.