6 Farming Apps You Should Consider

In this day and age, there’s hardly a situation for which there isn’t a mobile app out there. Want to know the time and weather in Indonesia? Done. Where can you eat that’s cheap and close by? Here is a list. How many steps did I walk today? Less than yesterday, but still more than other users.

While these apps can be considered trivial, the benefits of modern technology allow us to harness the power of mobile apps for practical projects. We also frequently use our phones for entertainment, like playing in online casinos – even the hardworking people in Japan like to unwind with such free-time activities, and often search for ベラジョンカジノボーナスコード and gamble online. When it comes to farmers, they now have access to useful farming apps, and we’ve selected a few for you.


Several independent reviewers recommend this app, and for a good reason. It allows you to estimate the weather and the effect it could have on your crops, follow the prices on the market, and figure out how to make the correct soil. It also has live updates of the latest news and market speculation. It’s simply a must for a farmer that wants to be kept in the loop.

ID Weed

Don’t fret if you don’t find the app with the exact name match. As it turns out, there are several apps of a similar name, and they all have one thing in common – identifying the weed that’s been attacking you so that you can plane your removal strategy better. The benefit of this is that you will not end up using a generic weed killer and risk damaging the crops.


This one is for farmers who have a strong sense of the community. Think of it as a company that holds your hand through every step of the farming process. It has live video support, so, whenever you have a problem, you can call up an advisor and show it to them in real time. You can also check out the web version of the app to see whether others have had similar issues in the past and how they’ve resolved them.

Yara ImageIT

Nitrogen intake of a plant is something that should not be overlooked. How can we get this data without some trick only experienced farmers know, or a lab? Enter Yara ImageIT, an app that analyzes the nitrogen level and gives you the recommended intake based on a photograph of the crop. It also has a nifty feature of checking out all the previous results, you can easily keep track of the progress your crops are making.

AgCareers.com Jobs

Are you a farmhand looking for something better? While it is available in the US and Canada, this app (and its website counterpart) can provide you with a list of available jobs for you to explore. You should not pass up this opportunity to be on top of fresh job listings, as a potential Quality Control Manager, or a Machine Operator.


It is nearly impossible to do any kind of farm work without taking weather into account. AccuWeather allows you to estimate the probability of rainfall at your location on an hourly or daily basis. It will also keep you alerted if there are any weather alerts in your area.