4 Tough Phones for Farmers

My niece is on her third phone screen, due to the fact that she refuses to buy a screen protector, or even acknowledge that she’s clumsy. Preteens and teenagers aside, we can agree that smartphones are not that tough in general. Unlike the old Nokia 3210, that the internet likes to joke about, using memes (a type of a gag, I guess?) to demonstrate that it was more durable than concrete, today’s phones seldom survive a single drop to the floor.

Now, for all of us who use our phones for chatting with friends, watching videos, or, like people in Japan, play online casino games using bonus codes such as ラッキーニッキーボーナスコード, phone durability might not be the biggest issue. But, you can see how that is troublesome to a farmer, or anyone working and trying to monitor some very precious data in order to react quickly to changes that may arise, or simply to track progress. Here are some of the toughest smartphones a farmhand can have,

RugGear RG500

This is a model that’s perfect on the go. It functions as an ordinary phone, though its features say it’s very far from it. First of all, the exterior has ridges, so it prevents you from dropping it. The two buttons that separate it from the pack, however, are Push To Talk, which lets you use it as a walkie-talkie (and boy, is it loud), and Push To Locate, a button that sends a distress signal to other workers in case of an emergency.

Sonim XP7

This is a perfect phone if you want something that can withstand being dropped from 6 feet onto concrete (why didn’t you buy this one, Melissa?). It is also waterproof, so you can use it in the rain. Whatsmore, if your work requires gloves (as it usually does) don’t fret, the screen is already optimized for that. There is one more nifty thing – it doesn’t suffer from the conventional problem of the battery running out at the worst possible moment. You can talk for several hours on it, so you don’t need a power bank.

It’s also resistant to extreme heat and cold – it can operate comfortably at -4°F, making it ideal in harsher winter conditions, as well as 131°F, withstanding heat no human should be exposed to. Drop in resistance to vibration, and you’ve got yourself a dandy partner in the field.

Ulefone Armor 2

This one is not just tough, it’s affordable – around $250, depending on where you buy it. Its technical capabilities are astounding – we are talking about octa-core and 64 GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. The area in which this baby shines is water. It’s not only good enough to work in the rain, but you can also take underwater pictures with it. It has an SOS button, for when you’re in a pinch, as well as fingerprint recognition, making sure your phone is yours.

NGM Explorer

If you need a tough phone, but your budget is limited, look no further. NGM Explorer is simple when compared to other rugged phones out there, but it does make up for it in other ways. For example, it has dual SIM, allowing you to adapt quickly if you live in a hard-to-reach area. It also boasts a barometer, a pedometer, a compass, and flashlight, and you don’t have to be extra careful with it, due to Gorilla Glass. It does have a downside, though – it will let you run a single app at a time, making it difficult to multitask on the go. Regardless, it’s a phone worth checking out.