4 Tips to Help You Spruce up the Garden for Spring

Every year it’s the same thing. You tell yourself that this will be the year where you’ll take full control over what goes on in your garden. Suddenly, life gets the better of you. Maybe there’s a big project at work, or you haven’t gotten around to buying proper seeds.

Well, not this year. No, sir! This year, we’ll get ready. And, since it is winter, we have a great head start. Marvel at these 4 awesome tips to help you get your garden ready for spring.


While this may sound like common sense, we urge you to do some serious cleaning. Spring-cleaning, if you will. That means removing everything and putting it back. Granted, it is much easier to do if you have a small garden on your terrace, like a few potted plants, some cherry tomatoes, and chili peppers, next to your sage and basil.

If your garden is, you know, a garden, it can get tricky. You need to remove the tree stumps, leftover garbage, and pull the weeds. If you have a family pet, like a dog, make sure it can’t access your garden. You can do this by putting a fence, or building a greenhouse.

Make Sure You’re Equipped for the Job

Make sure your weed-whacker is operational. A scythe will do just fine – it’s even better and faster if you have the technique down. Next, you’ll need some hedge shears and pruning shears. They are essential for keeping the plants under control once they “decide” to get out of hand.

Get a pair of working gloves and some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. There is a reason you see gardeners with ridiculous straw hats. They are not there to look cool – it’s there to protect them from the sun.


To use pesticide, or not to use pesticide, that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler to risk poisoning your plants, or to leave them at the mercy of pests. This is a problem that will have you scratching your head.

If you are very concerned about this issue, you can try and find some healthy alternatives. You can find plants that make certain insects avoid the garden. Mind you, this doesn’t always work, or it can have an unexpected effect. Either way, what you do is up to you.


The beauty of your garden depends on your choice of the plants you want to put in. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just play with the dirt, drop the seeds into the ground, water them and expect a miracle.

Every plant requires a particular type of soil and fertilizer. Some need more sun. True gardeners love their plants and treat them as real beings.