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Welcome to the Iowa Bison Association website. We are a non-profit organization established in 1992. Our association is made up of bison producers and bison enthusiasts dedicated to preservation and promotion of the ‘Great American Bison’.

Our goals are to:
Bison Side Promote bison, bison meat and bison products nationally as well as worldwide
Bison Side Advance our member interests legislatively and privately
Bison Side Provide opportunities to share information among members
Bison Side Increase membership and new producers
Bison Side Care for bison in an ethical manner
Bison Side Preserve the Great American Bison as an icon of our American heritage
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Bison is one of the fastest growing segments of American Agriculture. The bison is very low maintenance and a very efficient grazing animal. Bison meat is much lower in fat and cholesterol than other meats but it maintains a very high protein level. Bison meat has a clear-cut advantage in our 'heart healthy' society.

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A note from the Iowa Bison Association

Welcome to the Iowa Bison Association's web site. As you will see, we are very enthusiastic to be affiliated with the bison industry. Our love of the 'Great American Bison' is unmistakable as we continue our efforts in the areas of preservation and promotion. We are convinced that we have an outstanding product worthy of any home kitchen or restaurant. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance at info@iowabison.org.

Thank you!

The Directors of the Iowa Bison Association
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